Scottish Sterling Silver Four Piece Cruet Set by James Weir, Glasgow, 1924.

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A rare stunning sterling silver four piece cruet set by James Weir, Glasgow, 1924. 

The cruet set comprises of two salt cellars and two pepperettes / pepper shakers by James Weir, with a substantial silver salt spoon by Charles Boyton & Sons, Sheffied, dated 1930.  All pieces are in a very good condition with original blue glass liners.

A truly lovely cruet set from the Art Deco period from a rare and sought after silversmith. 

Total silver weight: 192 grams


Salt Cellars

Diameter: 4.75cm

Height: 3cm

Weight with liner: 78 grams

Weight without liner: 42 grams


Diameter: 3.25cm

Height: 6cm

Weight: 51 grams


Length: 7cm

Weight: 6 grams