Near Pair of Czech Green Intaglio Dishes With Brass Filigree and Jewel Detail.

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A very attractive near pair of Czech green glass dishes (likely ashtrays), mounted in brass filigree surrounds with a jewel set to each long edge.

The dish depicting a cherub is wider and shallower than the dish depicting a fox. The fox dish has more turquoise coloured stones than that set into the cherub dish. There is warping to the brass filigree to both dishes, particularly the underside, and there is also some marking in places (please see photographs). The glass to both dishes remains in an excellent condition.



Length: 9.5cm

Width: 7.5cm

Height: 1.5cm

Weight: 193 grams


Length: 10.5cm

Width: 6.25cm

Height: 2cm

Weight: 157 grams