Large 19th Century Bronze Disguised Devil/Bird Inkwell

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An intriguing and substantial late 19th century bronze devil inkwell. 

The devil is perched upon the back the bronze pen rest, with its hollow ears functioning as pen holders. The devil is concealed from above by a bird mask lid which reveals the devil beneath when lifted. Although the devil will be apparent to whomever opens the lid, he is then cleverly disguised as a bird when viewed from the back, with the devil's hind legs becoming the bird's feet and its ears the wings. The whole is sat upon four thick bronze paw feet.

There is a good patina throughout commensurate with age and the lid hinge remain sound. A great looking piece.


Width: 23.25cm

Depth: 14.5cm

Height: 10cm

Weight: 1.4 kilograms



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