Large Textural Seascape by Robert Ixer - Oil On Canvas.

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A wonderful textural oil on canvas depicting a rocky shoreline, signed 'Robert Ixer'.

Robert Ixer was born in London in 1941. He studied at the South East Essex Art School and the St. Martin’s School of Art. Upon leaving school he worked for six years in the studios of various leading London Advertising Agencies.

Disillusioned with the commercial world he rejected it all and became a pavement artist outside London’s National Gallery. During this period his love of painting flourished and he then travelled the world including spending some time in Canada and New Zealand.

Following that he and family lived for 3 years in Cornwell and 10 years in Lincolnshire England where he continued to develop his own art style that now, in the main, encompasses that English Countryside- creating a reflection of a century past.

During this time he became one of England’s leading landscape artists with various T.V. and press features and also with exhibitions in the galleries of the famous London Department stores of Selfridges and Harrods.

The decision to uproot and move to New Zealand for the sake of his family’s future was made in 1984. They lived there for the next ten years. He became well established in the Wellington area and lived on the Kapiti Coast at the foot of the Tararua mountains.

A peculiarity of his work is that somewhere in every painting he incorporates a bucket, in fact some clients will not buy his work unless it contains the genuine “Ixer bucket”. The famous "Ixer bucket" can be clearly seen in this painting.

Robert Ixer moved to Australia in 1999 to settle in Queensland and to continue his painting.

The painting does show some paint losses in places, particularly to the far right edge (please see photographs). There is also some minor damage to the frame to the inside right edge. The painting nonetheless remains striking. 


Width: 75cm

Height: 65cm