Joy Kirton Smith, 'Solitude'. Scarce Signed Limited Edition Print. No. 269 of 600.

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As a child, Joy was inspired by her father and two brothers - who ran a family business in painting and decorating. Always adventurous in trying out new materials and styles, they pushed her to explore her own creative abilities. 

She went on to attend a workshop group at Halesowen College and became fascinated with drawing techniques that could bring vibrancy and movement to paper and canvas. Whilst Italian Renaissance masters like Michelangelo remain her main inspiration, she has also studied the work of Rembrandt and the Flemish School in great detail. She adds: "The classicism of this era inspires my paintings."

Joy's images combine a contrast between form and flux, tangible entitles engulfed in a constantly changing environment. We are, therefore, presented with images that hint an eroticism and earthliness, whilst offering the reminder that all formations of being are transient. Her technique involves the blending of her focal characters into merged backgrounds, abstracting the often dancing figures from their stage.

Washington Green have published the highly individual work of Joy Kirton-Smith for several years, and her truly artistic and decorative compositions have become incredibly popular.

This is a scarce limited edition print of 'Solitude', number 269 of 600. The work is of large proportions and is hand signed and titled by Joy Kirton-Smith herself.

The work includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by both the publisher and artist. 


Signed Print

Width: 56cm

Height: 42cm


Width: 82cm

Height: 70cm

Depth: 5.5cm