Intricate Norwegian Small Oval Tine Box, c.1920.

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A oval Norwegian oval tine or pantry box of small proportions, circa 1920.

Traditional tine boxes (pronounced teen-ah) originated in Norway and examples have been found in the remains of Viking ships as early as 840 A.D. They were used for storing valuable possessions, grains, meat, or anything that needed to be secured. These boxes come in all shapes and sizes, can be plain or highly decorated, painted or intricately carved. They were often made as gifts, sometimes referred to as a 'Bride’s Box', and delicately carved or painted to show affection.

Often made in the bentwood style and painted with rosemal decoration, this box is intricately carved with great skill from a single piece of wood with a base and lid added. The sides are covered with several running ribbon designs while the top has a beautiful graceful foliate and scroll pattern.


Length: 21cm

Width: 9cm

Height: 11.5cm

Weight: 215 grams