Early 20th Century Adjustable & Tilting Sculpture Stand.

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An substantial early 20th century sculpture stand / sculptor's saddle, fully height adjustable with a tilting top. The stand is in a wholly original condition with small splatters of paint and varnish to the top.

The top is edged to three sides and has a split to the wood but remains strong and stable. The top sits above two ribbed wooden struts which enable the stand to be heightened considerably (to standing height if desired). The stand would have originally had a turning mechanism for heightening and lowering which is no longer present. A small piece of metal has been used as a substitute which holds the stand in place with ease. The top can be tilted in any height position using the side metal keys which all twist and move as they should.

An attractive and unusual sculpture stand. 


Height (in lowest position): 82cm

Width of top: 37cm

Depth of top: 35cm

Width of base (approx.): 52cm